The Advantages of Installing an HVAC System in Florida

The benefits of installing an HVAC system in Florida are numerous. They consume less electricity than a high-capacity AC system and provide up to three times more thermal energy than the electricity consumed because they transfer heat instead of producing it. Investing more in the installation will pay off in the long run. At All American Heating & Cooling, we only offer the highest quality products, such as Trane air conditioners, ovens, air treatment systems, and packaged systems.

Trane systems are reliable, operate efficiently, and come with a factory warranty. Once installed, it is essential to maintain your air conditioning system. Regular maintenance keeps the system running optimally and increases its lifespan. To save money, some homeowners in Sarasota, Florida may attempt to install their air conditioning systems themselves or hire unqualified installers.

We will also provide some tips for air conditioning maintenance and discuss whether air conditioning maintenance plans are a worthwhile investment. For an HVAC installation, a qualified service technician will evaluate your home and perform a load calculation to determine the correct size of the HVAC unit needed. We understand how important the advantages of installing a new air conditioning unit in Florida are for you, your family, and your business. If you're looking for a new air conditioning system in Florida, a service technician might suggest that you install a heat pump.

If your service technician is NATE certified, you can be sure that an industry expert will complete the installation of your air conditioning system. Climate Design provides Florida homeowners with comprehensive service, support, and top-notch heat pump installations. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional HVAC contractor to install a new HVAC system to avoid many of the problems that come with using an unlicensed service technician. We have been installing air conditioning systems throughout Central Florida for more than 25 years and we maintain the highest level of customer service.

Because heat pumps use the heat that stays in outdoor air during the winter, professional HVAC technicians highly recommend installing heat pumps for temperate climates like Florida. This approach can backfire, as poor workmanship and improper installation will reduce unit efficiency, cause frequent HVAC repairs, and require replacing the HVAC unit sooner than expected.

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